• The Millennium Accountable Care Organization (MACO) is happy to announce that it has several corporate agreements with key entities approved by the MACO Board,to coordinate and effectively coordinate the care for Medicare beneficiaries who have been assigned to MACO under the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   The goals of the relationship between the parties are to improve the quality of medical care for the assigned Beneficiaries, and to lower the cost of care for such Beneficiaries, consistent with the three-part aim in the ACA. To accomplish those goals, the collective relationship will seek improvement in five key quality domains: the patient experience of care, care coordination, patient safety, preventive health, and the at-risk population of the frail and elderly.

    If MACO achieves its goals, and lowers the cost of health care for the Beneficiaries, under the MSSP it may receive a share of such reduced costs (Shared Savings), and will in turn share a portion of the Shared Savings with its physicians.

    These arrangements, including this public disclosure of them, have been structured and implemented to meet the requirements set forth under the Interim Final Rule of the MSSP to obtain a waiver from possible implication of certain Federal laws, including Stark, anti-kickback and civil monetary penalties rules.

    One of the entities with which MACO has contracted is Millennium Home Care (MHC).  Some of MACO’s physicians are currently contracted by other home health care agencies to act as a Medical Director.  MACO wants, as much as possible, its physicians to be collaborating collectively to achieve the Triple Aim, including the sending of home health care patients to MHC, where a written and monitored relationship is in force to provide outstanding quality of care at an overall reduced cost.   In order to encourage the Medical Director MACO physicians to focus on the MHC experience for their patients, it has determined to offer each such physician a choice:  He or she may maintain his or her Medical Directorship, but receive a lower percentage of any Shared Savings.  Alternatively, he or she may resign his or her Medical Directorship and be eligible to receive a full percentage of any Shared Savings.

    If you would like to find out more about these agreements, please contact Gale Pearce, Executive Director of MACO, at 855-674-7400 x 106.

    Corporate Agreements Partner

    Millennium Home Care

    Aristocrat Rehab

    Consulate Healthcare of Port Charlotte

    Charlotte Harbor Rehab

    Imperial Rehab

    Greystone Health Network

    Sunset Lake Health and Rehabilitation

    Village Place Health and Rehabilitation

    Lehigh Acres Health and Rehabilitation


    Florida Cancer Specialists Announced as Care Partner

    Millennium Accountable Care Organization in its continued efforts to promote clinical excellence through collaborative physician programs that provide access to quality and affordable health care for its Medicare Accountable Care Participants has entered into an agreement with CarePoint Health Solutions, LLC, to administer a Oncology Quality and Safety Management Program with Florida Cancer Specialists P.L. for its Medicare Accountable Care Participants

    A unique component of the Program is the potential for Florida Cancer Specialists, P.L. (FCS) to receive enhanced reimbursements in the form of pay for performance awards based on practicing high quality cost effective care which meets evidence-based guidelines. Upon meeting evidence-based guideline targets, FCS will be eligible to receive an additional pay for performance award for successfully participating in the Millennium Program to reduce the Total Cost of Care related to Millennium members receiving Oncology Services from FCS.  The enhanced reimbursement and pay for performance awards shall be disbursed separately from your standard Medicare provider reimbursement that is based on the FCS applicable Fee Schedule.

    The Millennium Program features the following quality and safety services components and resource tools:

    • Health Management

    A clinical approach that includes an integrated strategy of quality and safety criteria that promotes the overall health management of each member including:

    – Appropriateness of medical oncology services using Evidence-Based Guidelines and CarePath optimization;

    – Specialized peer to peer engagement; and

    – Symptom/Case Management for high risk patients

    FCS agrees they will participate in the Millennium Oncology Quality and Safety Management Program for the management of requests submitted for Part B oncology specialty drug administration in addition to the identification of high risk patients who need symptom/case management.

    The Program should not be perceived as a financial risk arrangement with efforts to maximize financial success but instead as a program to recognize improved clinical outcomes and control healthcare costs for Covered Individuals.  The Program does not alter in any way Provider’s obligation to comply with the terms and conditions of the Quality Improvement Program and Credentialing or Utilization standards as set forth by Medicare in its Provider Agreement.